Thursday, March 28, 2019

Good month

We recently returned from a refreshing conference in SE Asia, where we and our girls got to see some old faces as well as meet several new ones. Soon after arriving back in Ghana, we were blessed with some returning volunteers at BMC. One was a JPS resident (the Family Medicine Residency program that we attended) who also came last year, as well as a team that usually comes once per year (consisting of an FM/Surg doc, 2 FM residents, surgeon, pediatrician, and internal medicine doc). They have helped to lighten the load on hospital rounds for the long-term doctors. We are very grateful for their sacrificial service!

On the home front, we currently have one broody chicken sitting on several eggs. Most of the rest of our hens (we have a total of 8) are just laying eggs, but not sitting on them, which is great for when we eat breakfast for dinner! We are trying to keep a moringa tree and lime tree alive until rainy season comes, when they will both hopefully start to flourish. 

Rebekah and Abigail are getting close to finishing up their school year. Lori has been a trooper as a homeschooling momma! Rebekah has started having her first "pen pals" - from the conference. Abigail is noticeably improving in her reading skills. Hannah is growing - both in size and with her words and interactions.

On the hospital front, Tim has been mostly rounding in Isolation Ward, taking care of wounds, meningitis, tetanus, and tuberculosis. Please be praying for one man with necrotizing fasciitis and heart failure- he has come a long way in the past couple weeks, undergoing several extensive debridements (each taking 3-4 hours) - he seems to be going the right direction now. Pray that his wounds will continue to heal well and that he will be able to gain back his strength after prolonged immobility.

Also, an update on the small baby mentioned in our last post: she had been discharged to our Nutrition Rehab Unit back in February, and then she was discharged to home a couple days before I resumed working after returning from our conference. She was 1.8kg at discharge! God is good!

There have been many memorable patients who we have seen God heal at BMC. This week has been momentous in that, for the first time ever since we have been at BMC, Tim was able to discharge a patient with clinical tetanus to go home. He had recovered! Every other case of tetanus that he has seen at the hospital ends with the patient dying in 1-2 days. Praise the Lord! This man was able to hear the Gospel. Please pray that he would decide to accept salvation through Jesus.

Thanks to everyone who prays and supports us while we serve here in Ghana!

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