Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Praises and prayer requests

To our friends and family: Thank you for your prayers!
We wanted to post a quick blog to let you know of some praises this week. Tim has had the opportunity to share Christ with 3 different people in the hospital over the past week. He will usually talk to them with the chaplain for language and cultural reasons. Two of the patients decided to accept Christ, and the third is contemplating it. It seemed as if the two who accepted Christ had never even heard of Jesus before.
Praise the Lord for His faithfulness in continuing to bring lost souls into His Kingdom from every tribe (each of the patients above spoke a different heart language). Please pray for the man who is contemplating following Christ. 
Lastly, an update from last post: the extremely low birth weight baby that I mentioned in the last post is still hanging on and going strong. She was born at 0.8kg, dropped to 0.5kg, and is now back up to a little above birth weight after almost 6 weeks. It also seems as if her family is starting to take a little more of an interest in her lately. Please continue to pray for her growth and protection from infection as well as for her family's hearts to continue to warm up to her and desire to take care of her.

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