Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Birthdays and volunteers

Our princesses

   January is always a busy month for us. Not only did we just finish celebrating Christmas, but then we turn around and have 2 birthdays. We are happy to announce that I have turned a year older and Rebekah is now 4 years old.  We enjoyed celebrating as a family and a small party with friends here in Ghana.The two princesses dressed up with their 
Rebekah's butterfly
sack races
Christmas gifts to celebrate Rebekah's birthday in style - with glittering crowns, shiny necklaces, and click-clack shoes. Rebekah enjoyed having people over, face painting, playing games and eating cake and ice cream. Rebekah wouldn't let us wash her face for 2 days, because she was so proud of the beautiful butterfly face. With the help of family and friends, we were able to attain enough strawberries to make the famous strawberry cake that we missed last year. Tim did a great job making the yummy cake! We are very grateful for all the friends we have to celebrate with here in Nalerigu. 

face painting at the party, thanks to the VanDingenen's

three-legged races

Rebekah's birthday cake
Rebekah and I celebrating together the day after the party
Rebekah opening presents

volunteers at Nakpanduri

Cahills with Dr. Jim
Cahills with Chelsea and David

            During the months of January and February, we have had quite a few volunteers here at BMC. We had the tail end of Drs. Shumpert and Dr Walter. We had several wonderful medical students, Curtis, Kristen, Jennifer, and Alex. We had a resident, Chelsea, and her husband, David. We also had a veteran volunteer, Dr. Jim Howard, return. Lastly, we have also had 3 German nurses working in the hospital. We enjoy meeting new people and love having familiar faces around. They have made these past 2 months a joy and much more pleasant for Tim to have the help in the hospital. Thank you for your help!
 As Tim mentioned on the last post, our time with World Medical Mission as Post-residents is drawing to a close at the end of April. We have been praying and have decided to return to Nalerigu as volunteers with World Medical Mission/The George Faile Foundation after a visit with our families. We will be around Ft Worth, Memphis and Knoxville during May and June. If any of you happen to be in the area and would like to see us, please let us know.

   Since I haven't been able to post many pictures, I thought that we would add a few pictures of us doing daily tasks, like going to buy bread, grinding wheat at the mill, girls playing. We also had a lot of home 'renovations' done this past month (aka we had to have a lot of plumbing work done). I am grateful for running water and toilets that flush!

Tim and Rebekah at Nakpanduri

My little stars all dressed up
the girls dressing up fancy for a pretend picnic

the guard helping with a guinea fowl gift
Our backyard dug up to fix plumbing

with kids at Aquiya's house (where we buy bread)
Different kids at Aquiya's house

with Heidi at a grinding mill
The grinding mill where I grind wheat

more time as princesses (they like to pretend to be Elsa and Anna)

getting ready for bed with dad
falling asleep in a laundry basket together

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