Wednesday, March 16, 2016

God is even in the details

   So I thought that I would write a quick testimony of how God even cares about the trivial things in our lives. My two favorite fruits are not existent here in Ghana. I love fresh peaches and strawberries! I have missed them so much. We are able to sometimes get canned peaches or strawberry jam, but it's just not the same. Sometimes I convince myself that a good ripe mango is like a peach, but there is not any fruit here that is anything like a strawberry. I had been told that people are able to grow strawberries up in Burkina Faso, but we had not been able to get any until last week.
   We have many wonderful neighbors that God has brought to BMC. All of them hold a special place in our hearts. One such neighbor is a Belgian family that God brought here in September. They have had to go back and forth between here and their home in Burkina, but they have brought such joy and unity among all of us. The wife restarted the women's Bible study and the family began Sunday afternoon Ultimate Frisbee that gets many of us on campus out and interacting with each other. They were gone through out the month of February and were greatly missed. However, when they returned, they brought back around 7 kilos of strawberries for me (and my family):) Of course, we thanked them, quickly washed the strawberries with a soak in bleach, and consumed as many of the precious red fruits as I would allow. We cut up and froze most of the rest to save for special occasions and January birthdays. What a surprise and blessing.
    Just to top everything off (you know, whip cream for the strawberries), God has blessed us with amazing weather for a few days.  It is known to be hot and dry during the dry season. We had been having about 120F for a couple of weeks. The heat just drains you of all energy. Well, in the midst of dry season, God sent a couple of days of rain to cool things down a little bit.  We had no rain but clouds and temperatures in the 80s and 90s for those days. Yesterday was a beautiful day and the girls were actually asking to go outside!
   I know that the strawberries and weather are not eternal things, but just an evidence of how much our God loves us. How he is in the details of our everyday lives. He is not a far off God who does not have time for me and my silly concerns. He knows how much I like to eat strawberries and that they are not here in Ghana. He sent them to to me. He could have sent them right when we first arrived to Ghana, but He didn't. If He would have done it that way, I think they wouldn't have tasted as sweet and I would have missed the small but beautiful display of His love. How is God showing you how much He loves you?


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