Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy 2016

   Merry Christmas to everyone! And Happy New Year! We are so blessed to be able to celebrate our Savior's birth along with friends and family. It's a wonderful time of the year to reflect on how much God loves us and God's amazing plan to rescue us. I hope that each of you had some time to sit in awe of God and praise Him. He is worthy!
  Our Christmas this year was a little busier than last year. We did celebrate in many of the same ways, and we added a couple more. We went again this year to First Baptist Church to give gifts to the widows. They sat quietly listening to Tim explaining why we celebrate Christmas, mostly through a translator. We are thankful for your support, so that we have the opportunity to share with these grateful women. The girls even enjoyed helping us put the rice and oil in bags and give them to the women. We love to get our girls involved in giving to those who need help.

   We also were able to go caroling again this year in the hospital on Christmas Eve. We were able to purchase some oranges to give out to the patients, their caregivers, and the nurses. We sang in each of the wards, in the outpatient clinic area, to the theatre staff, and to the guards at the front gate. It was wonderful to see that there were so many fewer patients who had to be in the hospital on Christmas this year. It was a joy to bring a little bit of truth and happiness to those who were in the hospital. After caroling, we all gathered together at our station meeting to eat, sing, and read the Christmas story from Luke 2. It was a great time of fellowship and worshiping God. 

   There were many of you who were so generous in sending us gifts for Christmas. Thank you! It was wonderful as a parent to have something special to give to your kids for Christmas. The girls truly enjoyed opening their stockings and Christmas gifts. Christmas morning is always so fun with little kids who are wide eyed with wonder and excitement. 
   We added some things to our Christmas from last year. We were able to go as a family and give a little something to the people who had to work the day shifts in the hospital. We wanted them to know that we were thankful for their work and to bring some cheer (who actually likes to work on Christmas day?). We also invited over all the families on the compound and volunteers for some fellowship and games in the afternoon. 

   For New Years Eve, we had station meeting (since it was a Thursday) with several visitors and volunteers. We were able to enjoy a bonfire, ice cream, and a few fireworks. We worshiped our Creator, finished reading through the accounts of Jesus’ birth in the New Testament and spent some time in prayer. I understand that many stayed awake to ring in the new year, but we brought our two little ones home early to get some rest. It was good to spend a little time reflecting back on where God has taken us the past year or so and how we are learning to depend more on Him. We do not know where God will be taking us this next year, but we are anticipating that it will make us love and trust Him more. Please be praying for us as our commitment with the Post Residency Program through Samaritan's Purse will finish in April. We are waiting for God's guidance on where He is calling us next, but it will likely be here in Ghana for at least a little while longer.



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