Monday, February 9, 2015

Thanksgiving (from back in November)

  Thanksgiving is always a wonderful family time when we are in the U.S. As it approached, we were very aware that our families were so far away and that we would have to learn new traditions for our special holidays. The wonderful part was that we had a new missionary family right here with us. We had no need to figure out what days we would spend with each part of the family and no traveling for hours in the car with two fussy little girls, because we were all right here. That part was relaxing. We did still cook more food than should be consumed in one day and ate plenty of it. All the families on the compound, American and Ghanaian, and some other expats and friends in the area gathered together for a potluck dinner. With all the typical Thanksgiving foods (turkey, cornbread dressing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, salad, fruit, deserts...), it almost felt like we were celebrating in the US. We ate until we were content (or maybe a little stuffed), had a quick pop quiz on Thanksgiving trivia, and had our group devotional time. We were very thankful to have this extended family to celebrate with this year. We are also thankful for so many other things, such as God , our families, our friends. God has blessed our little family, and we look with anticipation on what He will do.

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