Monday, March 31, 2014

Missions Conference

    During the first full week of March, we went to Memphis to be a part of Bellevue Baptist Church's missions conference. We had a booth that we set up with maps, pictures, WMM pamphlets, and our prayer cards. It is not exactly in our comfort zone to begin conversations with people we don't know, but God blessed us with our girls who really helped us. Having a baby or a cute smiling two year old in your arms is a must for an introvert in this situation. God was good in giving us this opportunity. We were encouraged by the speakers that we heard. We also met many wonderful people and passed out many of our prayer cards. I know that this will lead to support for our family, especially the prayer support that we need. I hope that we were able to encourage some to consider being involved in missions or ministry work as well.
    While we were there, an ice storm came through forcing us to relax indoors for a few days. It was an unexpected change of pace that allowed for more family time and rest. We were able to spend some time with Lori's siblings and their families as well. Rebekah truly enjoyed playing with all of her cousins and learned how to be a little daredevil. We were even able to celebrate our niece's 13th birthday (Happy Birthday Lis). We enjoyed our time in Memphis and look forward to one more trip before we head to Ghana.

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