Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Goodbye Fort Worth

    We have certainly had a lot to do in a short time. We had about 3 weeks to separate and pack up all our belongings to prepare to move to Ghana. We have piles of things to take during the travels (we're going to see family for about 2-3 weeks), piles of things to take to Ghana that we don't need while traveling, piles of things that may be shipped to Ghana while we're there, and piles of things to pack and keep here. We have really begun to say our goodbyes. We had to say goodbye to the nurses, staff, and residents at JPS. We had our last home group at our house and last Tuesday night at the McRay's house. We had a goodbye dinner with our wonderful neighbors. Our last service at Hope Works Church was the Sunday before last. We have said bye to our family in Texas. We said many goodbyes last week (before actually leaving on Saturday). I believe that it is more difficult for all of us than what we expected. At church on our last Sunday, Rebekah required us to hold her the entire time and was not her typical smiling, friendly self. She is also having moments of joy and laughter as she has many friends coming to visit. We have also been amazed at the kindness of all those that we know. So many have helped us in preparing to leave and are offering to help us with our house after we leave. An amazing group of people from JPS and church came one day to help. They finished our packing for us, helped us load our truck, and even helped us start the task of cleaning! Our move would not have been possible without everyone's help. Thank you! God has truly blessed us with wonderful friends and family. Sadly enough, we were so busy most days that I forgot to take pictures.

Rebekah and Abigail's going away picnic :)

    We have so much left to do, but things are coming together. We have made it with the Uhaul truck all the way to Knoxville. We stopped by Memphis to drop things off and have a day of rest. The girls have been troopers through all of the changes.  While visiting family in Tennessee, we look forward to the small break from all the busyness. This time will not be completely relaxing, as we have a few things left to do and our families will begin transitioning to this new phase of our lives. We will miss our families so much while we are gone. I hope that they are willing to forgive us for taking the little ones so far away.
Rebekah and Lori in front of the house the day we left

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