Friday, March 14, 2014

More Goodbyes

The Ladies' Tea
The Abeytas

Benjamin and Douglas with Rebekah
We had planned on leaving Fort Worth early in March, so that we would be able to spend a little time with our families before leaving for Ghana in late March. God has blessed us with a little more time than we originally anticipated. We will be leaving the US in late April. Recently, we have spent some of our free time trying to meet with friends for prayer and goodbyes. We have had dinner with several friends from work and church and even remembered to take pictures with a few of them. We have enjoyed the special fellowship and will miss everyone when we leave! There was also two extra special gatherings in which we were able to be a part. The first one was at the home of a friend from church, who happens to be Ghanaian. He and his wife invited several prayer warriors over for dinner to pray for us and another friend heading to Kenya (Katina). This was a powerful time and I am sure we will see the fruits from this time in prayer. The other gathering was for Lori and the girls. A friend and her mother fixed a special tea to celebrate our going to Africa and to pray over Katina and us. It was a wonderful night filled with prayer and fun conversations within a group of godly women. These times have lifted our spirits and prepared us for things to come. We will treasure all this time we have had with our loved ones. We are so thankful that God has placed each of you in our lives! We covet your prayers as we leave and wait in anticipation to see what God will do.
The Tea
The Jacksons
The Hunts

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