Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry Christmas

   Merry Christmas! How grateful we are that God sent Jesus so we can know Him! I first want to apologize for not having posted or kept up with prayer requests. Things have been a little busy with our trip to Accra for Tim's test, Abigail's birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. To make things a little more difficult, our internet went out for a couple of weeks. We are alive and doing well- I promise. I hope to be able to sit down soon and write a proper post, but we do have 2 more birthdays within the next two weeks. There has been much to write about and pictures to post, so I hope that I will just sit down and share it. We did have a wonderful Christmas, although we did miss our families. Thank you to many of you who helped to make it so special. It certainly was different than anything we have experienced before, but more on that later.... Again, Merry Christmas!

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