Thursday, July 31, 2014


   For any of you who have not heard or are not praying for him, Kent Brantly is the American doctor in Liberia who has Ebola. He has been all over the news for several days. What you may not know about him is that he is our dear friend. We met him and his family while in residency at JPS. We not only worked with him, but our families spent time together and watched our children grow up together. Rebekah prayed for them daily for months after they left for Liberia and has begun again. We love this wonderful family and are honored to have had time with them. We are also blessed to be serving with them as post residents with Samaritan's Purse, even if we are 2 countries away. I remember how excited they were after speaking with one of the physicians going to Liberia. They began praying and seeking God's will about serving in Liberia. They knew that was where God wanted them. Even after Ebola came to Liberia, they knew God wanted them there. They stayed and worked in Liberia, even knowing the possible cost. Kent and another missionary, Nancy, have contracted the virus. Please be praying for them and their families! Today, Kent has taken a turn for the worse after showing some slight improvement yesterday. God can heal them of this virus. Please continue to be praying for West Africa as well. There are many who have the virus, many more will likely get the virus, many others are affected by the virus (families and friends), and still many more are working to stop the virus (health care workers, educators, volunteers...). This is a terrible disease that is continuing to spread. Please pray for a quick end to this. Thank you!

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