Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Tim!


  So, yesterday was Tim's birthday. It was a day similar to most days, with Tim waking up early to go to work, but with a few surprises. We also woke up early and made him breakfast. Tim was able to come home from work around 2pm for lunch, and he was able to stay home for the rest of the day:) We had a good dinner together, Red Red and watermelon. We were even able to have cake and ice cream, or actually an ice cream cake. I like to make something a little different for birthday cakes, so I attempted my first ice cream cake. We received a package from family with a few birthday gifts for Tim. Since we couldn't find what we wanted to give to Tim for his birthday, it was very nice that Tim had something to open. Hopefully, we can find it when we go to the city this weekend. To top it all of, Tim was on call for OB last night and he never received any calls! Thank you for all your happy birthdays and well wishes. It is wonderful to know that we are thought about and prayed for.

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  1. Glad Tim had a special birthday! ! Wish we could have shared the cake.