Saturday, January 11, 2014

God's surprises

     I know we haven't even written about Christmas yet, but I must write about the wonderful ways that God has been blessing us recently. I will apologize, as I forgot to take any pictures for this post. Last Saturday, we received a phone call from someone who has offered to pay for our plane tickets to Africa! This is God's great provision just before we are needing to purchase our tickets.
     Then, later that same day, God blessed us with another answer to prayer. Tim had been trying to paint the outside of our house for a few months. He had been unable to make much headway due to many different circumstances, typically being too cold or too wet to paint whenever he was available to do it.  We had a group of friends whom we had met at our church that offered to help us in preparing our house to sell. We worked things out for them to come this past Saturday, not knowing what the weather would be like. We watched and prayed as the weather forecast went from being too cold, to possible rain, to just very windy, to the perfect day. The day was sunny and in the 60's with a mild breeze. This group of thirteen people painted the outside of the house all afternoon and finished before sunset! God has been so gracious to us! We still have several small things to do to prepare the house, but we are trying to meet with the realtor again to officially put our house up for sale. We know that God will have to work a miracle with this as well, but we have faith that He will do it. We have been seeing God working in the small things and know that He will do even bigger things.

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