Please help support us through your prayers. We appreciate your prayers and look forward to seeing how God will work.


- We made it back safely to Nalerigu at the beginning of April after a few months in the US

- That we were granted approval to return to Baptist Medical Centre for at least another few years

- That we were able to get connected with a long-term sending agency, Christian Health Service Corps, and were able to go to their orientation before coming back to Ghana

- That we were able to find a church here in Nalerigu to attend on a more regular basis

- There was a peaceful Ghanaian presidential election in December 2016, and a peaceful inauguration in January 2017

- We have such wonderful friends and family who love us.

- We now have 4 longer term Ghanaian doctors: Victoria, Emmanuel, Yakubu, and David. Victoria started shortly after Tim in June 2014; Emmanuel started in April 2015, Yakubu started in Sept 2015, and David started in April 2016. This is wonderful for the hospital currently, as many doctors are needed to provide good care to patients. It is also a good prospect for future patients who will likely be best served by Ghanaian physicians.


- Please pray for the health of all the new babies (and soon-to-be babies) among the doctors at the hospital. Two of the four Ghanaian doctors have had babies already in the last 4 months; one is about to be a parent; and we hopefully will be welcoming our third child in the early fall.

- Please pray for healing (physically and spiritually) for all of the patients in the hospital.

- Please pray that God would continue to keep us all healthy.

- Please pray for continued support (prayer warriors and financial)
- Please pray that God would be working in the hearts of the people that we will be coming in contact with and that he would send us people who will return to their homes/people group and share the gospel.

-Please pray for us to quickly learn the local language, Mampruli, as we start to have some formal lessons

- Abigail: Wisdom and patience with potty-training. She is a bit reluctant to do so.

Rebekah: being a good big sister for Abigail; learning to tell the truth, even if it incurs consequences; growing closer to Jesus; excitement as she starts official homeschool

- Lori: JOY; learning how to interact with help around the house, finding and being content with the ministry God has for her, and being encouraging to everyone; healthy pregnancy, delivery, and baby; wisdom on schedule as she possibly starts to work more at the hospital

- Tim: having God-given wisdom in treating patients and finding a balance with home; looking for opportunities to share the gospel or pray with patients; being joyful

- For us to keep our eyes on Christ, the reason why we are here

Pray for all those affected by the following events around the world:
- The new US president and the leaders around him
- Syrian crisis
- North Korea situation
- Mosul, Iraq: massacres by ISIS; pray for freedom for the people from ISIS control
- South Sudanese civil war and famine

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  1. Praying for you all! Please post days when volunteer groups are coming so we can pay for them also.